We are two native New Mexicans who love working with remedios.

Over 20 years ago we started growing our own herbs and later on began making our own tinctures, followed by making salves, balms, and experimenting with other "kitchen sink medicine making" endeavors. In 2017, following years of practice, trial and error, and lots of learning, we began to make our small batch products available to our community. We use local ingredients in our products that we respectfully forage, grow ourselves, or source locally.

Quita grew up close to nature in Nambé’s drylands and irrigated valleys and has been on the path of plant medicine for much of her life. Her parents often turned to folk remedies, food medicine, and supplements to address illness and ailments, contributing to her early foundational reverence for plants and gardening. Cory grew up in eastern New Mexico and attended NMSU in Las Cruces. While there, he got a job at a nursery which sparked his love for plants and he quickly became a sponge for plant knowledge.

With Quita’s cultural background and Cory’s more science-minded approach (he’s the one who remembers all those latin names!) Feather Catcher Apothecary was born for their love of foraging, gardening, and the energetic wisdom of plants.