Pojoaque Valley | Santa Fe, New Mexico

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  • Winter Survival Kit

    A product package winter holiday collaboration with our friends at Eastside Remedios and other local/regional makers.

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  • Reishi Mushroom Tincture

    Our Reishi Mushroom Tincture is known for its immune support, detoxification (liver support), and anti-inflammatory properties; making it a great choice to have in your medicine cabinet for overall health support.

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  • ocotillo bark

    Remedio de Ocotillo

    NOTE: This product will not be available again until 2021. Ocotillo bark extract has powerful properties that aid women in pelvic inflammatory dis-eases and lymphatic support.

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  • Old Man’s Beard Tincture

    Barba de Viejo or Old Man’s Beard (Usnea barbata) is an abundant lichen that has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties.

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  • Remedio de la Gente de la Tierra Immune Support

    This blend features some of the best of the best known for immune boosting properties.

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  • Elderberry Tincture

    NOTE: This product will not be available again until 2021.

    Wildcrafted elderberries from the high mountains of northern New Mexico extracted in pure grain alcohol. Elderberry is used for its antioxidant activity, to lower cholesterol, to improve vision, to boost the immune system, to improve heart health and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsillitis.

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