Pojoaque Valley | Santa Fe, New Mexico

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  • Remedio de la Rosa – Rose Petal Salve

    The ever simple, ever beloved scent of rose captured in a tin of salve.

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  • Remedio de Romero – Moisturizing Rosemary Salve

    Made with a generous amount of coconut oil, our Remedio de Romero¬† (rosemary salve) is sure to keep your skin moisturized. Northern New Mexico’s high desert landscape makes for a wide range of weather/seasonal conditions. From hot and dry, to cold and snow, you can keep your skin protected. Made with our own organically grown […]

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  • Rose Petal Lip Salve

    Just a few simple ingredients can create a sweet aromatic impact and this lip salve is a great example of that. Made with rose petals and chamomile flowers infused in coconut oil for subtly sweet lips.

    Ingredients: rose petals and chamomile flowers infused in olive oil, shea butter, and New Mexico beeswax.

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  • Harmonizing Lip Balm

    While peppermint tends to be stimulating, chamomile and lemon balm calm the mind and body. Together, the aromas create a harmonizing lip balm that also moisturizes your lips.

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  • Reishi Mushroom Tincture

    Our Reishi Mushroom Tincture is known for its immune support, detoxification (liver support), and anti-inflammatory properties; making it a great choice to have in your medicine cabinet for overall health support.

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  • Aromatic Chest Rub

    Non-petroleum based Aromatic Chest Rub features locally harvested rosemary infused in olive oil, supplemented with essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint, and New Mexico beeswax. Free of parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, phthalates.

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